Discover Glorious Gems’ Visionary, Penny David Sheahan

Penny David Sheahan, the visionary of Glorious Gems, was moved to create the Glorious Gems Collection during her international travels. A passion for sharing her spiritual vision has been the inspiration to create these powerful, exquisite pieces steeped in the history of Biblical times.

The Pendant is crafted to honor the twelve tribes of Israel as stated in Exodus 28:17-20. Using these same precious “Gems of Israel,” the Crown Ring is inspired by the book of Zechariah where His people are likened to “the Jewels of a Crown,” Zechariah 9:16. A reminder to us all of our Divine destiny.

The powerful expression of our life potential is captured beautifully in the Glorious Gems Collection. Penny’s vision to create a “Glimpse of Glory” bursts forth in this exquisite collection.

The perfect gift for a special occasion

Glimpses of Glory

Glimpses of glory burst into view —
Surprising, delightful visions of You.

Where may we find You? Where do You dwell?
“I live with the humble; the contrite as well.

I’ll show you My glory as you walk My way —
In lowly submission, do all that I say.

If you put your knowledge and pride on the shelf,
Think more of others and less of yourself,

Glimpses of glory will be your reward —
You’ll know Me as King: you’ll know Me as L-rd.”

Penny David Sheahan
February 10, 1998