About Dr. Iverna M. Tompkins

With a wit to entertain, a style to delight, and a message to inspire, Iverna Tompkins is well equipped to reach this generation and beyond with the over 1,200 messages she has preached. Having grown up in the ministry as a PK (preacher’s kid,) from a background of Bible College, business, probation work, and various church offices, including pastoring, she is incredibly able to help a variety of people. Iverna is a gifted communicator; delivering the Word of God with both prophetic insight and humor. Many have said when hearing Iverna speak, “she performs major spiritual surgery while anesthetizing with humor!” Her passion for the Word of God and His Church, combined with her ability to equip leaders, causes her hearers to be deeply challenged and miraculously changed.

Iverna’s speaking career has spanned four decades; twenty years focused mainly on topics of church leadership. She has traveled throughout the world speaking in churches and at conferences. In 1985, she founded and directed Scottsdale Christian Training Center for mentoring pastors, leaders, and their spouses in Scottsdale, Arizona. In less than ten years, she had trained hundreds of leaders from the US and abroad. She was also co-founder of Women of the Word Conference, Headquarters in Montreat, North Carolina. Although Iverna no longer travels, she continues to minister locally.

In 1989 Iverna was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree from Sweetwater Bible College. She presently serves as Pastor Emeritus at Church for the Nations in Phoenix, Arizona. www.cftn.com.

In the business community, Iverna’s experience includes banking, sales, management, counseling, and institutional probation. Wherever engaged, Iverna has the unique ability to relate to the people. The Word she speaks “hits home” to a wide audience: including those of different age, socio-economic background, and nationality.

Iverna’s words come from a proven life — a rare and wonderful commodity in today’s world. Born into a home of ministry leaders, she has a strong, virtuous background. Despite many negative situations — including divorce — her life has demonstrated integrity and stability. As a single mother, she raised a daughter and son who share in that same platform of living. Her daughter is a medical doctor; her son a director of sourcing and planning for a US corporation. Iverna maintains strong relationships with her children, grandchildren, friends, local community, church, and global alliances.

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