Glorious Gems Collections

To bring her vision of the Glorious Gems Collections to life, Penny David Sheahan recruited a group of talented international artists. We’re pleased to introduce you to our artists, their designs and their inspiration.

Pendant Collection

Pamela Suran is a fine artist living and working in Jerusalem. For over two decades, her passion for “The Land of Israel” has inspired her brilliantly vibrant art. The Twelve Tribes of Israel Giclee titled “The Urim and Thummim” provides confirmation of the creation of our dramatic Glorious Gems Pendant.

Though unknown to each and oceans apart, friends Pam in Israel and Penny in Brazil were birthing the same vision – the Hoshen or Breastplate of the High Priest. The precious “Gems of Israel” pendant mirrors the brilliance of Pamela’s fine art Giclee print.

An artist for over 33 years, Pamela’s contribution continues through private and public commissions. Her creative mission is to “capture Israel’s beauty, biblical history and hope for the future.”

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The perfect gift for a special occasion

Ring Collection

Thea Albertyn’s design expertise comes to life in the Glorious Gems Crown Ring. As Managing Director of African Jewels CC for 11 years, she is renowned for her exquisite taste and delicate eye for detail. Based in Hermanus, South Africa, Thea’s designs have garnered National recognition. Trained by the esteemed “Pretoria Technicon” Goldsmiths, her creativity and refined craftsmanship capture the very essence of jewelry as art.

Thea’s husband, Johannes, designed the exclusive “Chanel” locking system found on the back of each Crown Ring. An accomplished engineer, Johannes now works side by side with Thea in their jewelry business.

Penny and Thea were introduced at the DeKock family home in Hermanus, South Africa.